Shenzhen, China 27/03/2014: World Best Import & Export Company Limited has been offerings its clients with different types of printers which include Card Printer, Multifunction Printer, Hot Stamping Printer, etc. over a period of six years. The company has a huge client base all over the world and they have over five factories in China. The UV printer from the company is perfect for printing on various types of materials like metal sheet, plastic, acrylic, copper, crystal, wooden board and more. The hi-tech printer is available with water cooling circulation system that ensures longer UV lamp life as well as low temperature operation. The printer assures high precision printing where the resolution can reach up to 1440dpi.

The multi-function t-shirt printer is another product from the company that is presently in huge demand from clients all across the globe. This printer is available with heat functionality ensuring that a t-shirt is not required to be pre-heated for better quality image and printing. The temperature controller available with the printer helps in controlling the temperature while the printing takes place. The printer easily works with different versions of Windows operating system as well as Macintosh operating systems. A maintenance video is also provided so that clients can take proper measures to keep the device working to its optimum level.

Smartphones have taken the world by storm and people are in search of new ways to make their handsets stand apart from the rest, not only with functionalities but also with styles and designs. The phone case printer or the A4 size flatbed printer from World Best Import & Export Company Limited helps to create interesting designs and styles on phone cases without any trouble. The full automatic operation of the printer ensures that no human intervention is required. The printer is capable of printing on different types of materials which include acrylic, PVC, clothes, wood engravings and more.

World Best Import & Export Company Limited assures all its clients of high quality products at an unbeatable price. The company employs a huge R&D team to look after the production process and ensure that products manufactured by them comply with the global standards. The strict quality control procedures put to place by the company along with its efficient and knowledgeable staff ensure smooth business operation. Apart from the different types of printers, the company also specializes in the manufacture of UV Coating Machine, printable products and more. Their products are appreciated for their optimum performance, longevity and value for money. The customer service team of World Best Import & Export Company Limited helps clients with all their queries and concerns in a professional and honest manner.

About World Best Import & Export Company Limited:

World Best Import & Export Company Limited is one of the leading importers and exporters of various types of printers to different corners of the globe.