(Free Press Release) STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 29th, 2011. The Danish brewing company Carlsberg A/S has implemented the Electronic Laboratory Notebook system ConturELN in their Group Research & Development. The system will be used within basic and applied research as well as in development of new technical solutions, documentation of beer analysis and to facilitate research documentation and improve knowledge sharing in the creation of novel opportunities within brewing and beverages.

Founded in 1847, and with an annual turnover of US$ 10 Billion and 45,000 employees, Carlsberg A/S is the 4th largest brewing group in the world and has an overt strategy of being the fastest growing global beer company. To realise this, it is essential to be in a position to respond quickly and effectively to new consumer trends, which is achieved by staying in the forefront in products and innovation.

The Carlsberg Research Center (CRC) is part of Carlsberg A/S and since its initiation in 1875 has provided remarkable scientific achievements within malting, brewing and fermentation through strong emphasis on biotechnology and chemistry. CRC employs around 100 people and is comprised of two main departments. The Carlsberg Laboratory conducts fundamental research into biotechnological production processes and chemical science. The Carlsberg Applied Research is Carlsberg Breweries with fast, accurate and reliable data across a wide range of brewing chemistry applications and analytical methods.

The recent implementation of the electronic laboratory notebook system ConturELN further proves Carlsberg‘s dedication to and position as a pioneer and leader within brewing R&D.

“In order to increase our security of documentation of our R&D activities and provide our employees with the best tool to work together between different departments in Research, we were looking for a solution that could suit our needs in both departments. The system should also be suitable for the diverse areas of research and development we conduct at Carlsberg Group R&D to increase transparency and flexibility”, says Morten Storgaard, Business Development Manager at Carlsberg Group Research.

Carlsberg needed a generic system that could be applied across disciplines but also offer flexible access control. As ConturELN can be configured depending on the choice of visibility, even in a broad and varied R&D organization such as Carlsberg‘s, and with different needs of openness and data sharing, the solution from Contur Software well suited their needs.

“We conducted a thorough investigation on available systems and found that ConturELN is by far the most intuitive and easy system to use and understand for users with diverse technical skills and interest and it offers the transparency and flexibility we were looking for. A survey was conducted 3 weeks after implementation and showed, that our users find ConturELN “easy” or “very easy” to use and that they are generally “satisfied” with the system. The comments I receive are generally very positive and one user characterised ConturELN as an “important tool”. The implementation has run smoothly and we have had no problems with the software. As we have gained more experience in using the software there was a demand for more openness from our users which has been easily done by our own administrator of the system. I am very pleased with the system and the handling of the process, support and training from ConturELNs side”, says Morten Storgaard.

“We are very happy to implement ConturELN at Carlsberg. In addition to spanning projects in both biological and chemical research it proves that our system can support a mix of industrial and academic R&D, giving strong IP protection and high quality documentation standards for both environments”, says Thomas Rozlucki, CEO at Contur Software.

Initially, ConturELN will be used in Carlsberg‘s research laboratories in Denmark and France with further rollouts planned to other sites.

About Carlsberg Group
Carlsberg Group is one of the leading breweries in the world, with a large portfolio of beer and other beverage brands and net revenue of 60.000 MDKK. The flagship brand Carlsberg is one of the best-known beer brands in the world. More than 43,000 people work for the Carlsberg Group, and our products are sold in more than 150 markets. Carlsberg Group R&D has 160 employees at two locations (Valby (Denmark) and Strasbourg (France)). Carlsberg Group Research is divided in the historical fundamental research department Carlsberg Laboratory and the Applied Research Department. They conduct joint research projects in the areas raw materials (barley and ingredients), yeast and brewing technology. Information on fundamental research at www.carlsberglab.dk and on applied research in Carlsberg Group Research is available at www.carlsberggroup.com/research.

About Contur Software AB
Contur Software is a focused software company delivering innovative products and services to R&D organizations worldwide. Its proven Electronic Lab Notebook system ConturELN — targets the small to midsize segment of the ELN market and enables customers to have instant access to their experimental data and results at any time from any location. The system is particularly known for its intuitive graphical user interface and flexible architecture enabling rapid deployments and cost effective operation.
ConturELN is offered both as an on-premise server based install and via a SaaS (Software-as-a-service) model under the name iLabber Cloud. The ConturELN system is used by thousands of users worldwide in the Biotech, Chemical, Food & Beverage and Academic sectors. Contur Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accelrys, Inc. and operates out of offices in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information visit www.contur.com and www.ilabber.com.

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Morten Storgaard, Business Development Manager, Carlsberg Group Research, Carlsberg A/S
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