Brazil - Recently, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil got its perfect ending. After one month of passion for fighting on the playing ground, the German team got ultimately championship by 1:0 over Argentina and smooth get the first ranking of World Cup. When Germany team still immersed in the joy of winning, these major Sports Kicks brands such as Nike and Adidas has been competing to launch new car. At this point, people have not difficult to see that, in fact, these major brands already do enough preparation to the celebrate of the finishing of the 2014 World Cup.

As the title sponsor of the final winning team, more voices linked the Adidas with the final winning Germany team together. And, which kind of shoe that Adidas publish to celebrate success of German team? Let us look at it together. Adidas Falcon series has gone through 20 years of glorious era and the new generation Falcon still proved himself to be one of the best football equipment with their outstanding performance. This upper appearance of this shoe widely used Hybridtouch fabric that has been applied in Adidas F50 Nictrochange which has provided with people the excellent touch feeling . The new SL Rubber friction region could ensure a greater friction coefficient. The improved TPU outsole canceled tasteless MiCoach slot.

In this World Cup, although the Dutch team failed to advance to the final round but the momentum continues without any unabated. Even his sponsor Nike was also outdone. We took a look at many different kinds of colorful shoes and most of people have visual fatigue for these bright colors. In this case, Nike thinks to use the dark color style on the new football boots to let people get rid of the bright colors. Black represents the mysterious and solemn. On the other hand, their newly shoe also joined with the pink and fluorescent yellow embellishment.

In order to attract everyone¡¯s attention, Umbro also got their strong coming back by the opportunity of this year¡¯s World Cup. Their Sports Kicks UK had related improvement of technologies and the appearance of this shoe also get very good improving, using slightly different uppers that previous version which is also the main difference between the new shoe and old shoe. On the other hand, the material using also has very big changing.

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