09, December 2014: World of Warcraft 6.0 Skinning specialized professional like herbalism and dig, use the MOP mechanism, is the player in Draenor map can directly implement level 1-700, only the player skill level low stripped out all pieces, when players tested, if you go to peel, low-level basically to several strange to synthesize a skin, but it will enhance skills but not easy for wow gold. Skin also has similar to mining and herb gathering new upgrades: skin no more skill points required, however, obtained the number of peeling depends on your skill points. The content covers the all the leather and skin need scale project. 

World of warcraft skinning architecture barn 6.0: [barn] will help you to obtain additional materials. If you use a trap to split hoof cattle, work order will reward you [natural hides], capture Talbuk Sheep reward cloth, and capture Elekk rewards meat. [Barbarian blood] is level 3 barn can produce another kind of manufacturing materials. The level 1 [iron trap] barn will reward you, 2 levels of barn reward reinforcement steel trap. 

World of warcraft 6.0 skinning fort trap instructions: “well, then you can from my side took a trap, and then go to the best grassland – Nagrand hunting, there are piles of split hoof cow, Elekk and Talbuk Sheep waiting for you. Then, what you need to do is to hit the beast into the residual blood would be used on trap. Be careful, trap may be clip to you! Then you will have a good rest; let’s continue to look after work. Soon we will give you the corresponding meat, leather and fur rewards. You capture species will determine whether we can get from them what material: split hoof cow produces the best red wines of leather, Mr Sheep fur products, and Elekk has the most meat. 

The biggest change of World of warcraft 6.0 skinning is to join the fort stripping gameplay, this will give players extra income and pleasantly surprised, the king of Draenor take this chase mechanism, for just coming into the game of professional skills of 0 players or on a human scale, avoid back to the old maps to improve skill level, but not back to the old maps also means that the new map skinning competition bigger and early yield of Wow US/EU Server Gold is low. 

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