12, December 2014: This guide to make wow gold has not make full use of the gold’s potential. Some players do take some advantage of it but not enough so that players still can make a lot of gold by this guide. The only question players have for this is that where to find the limited supply items? I will teach you that in another article later. Today, let us just take this the topic which I have mentioned above. 

First of all, what is a limited supply item? The limited supply item is the item for sale from the vendor in game but it only has a very limited supply of items. 

WOW Gold

These limited supply items that gamers looking for to make a great number of wow gold are usually recipes. I found those are most profitable. Usually players can buy a recipe for around 20s and sell it on the auction house for 1 or 2 wow gold or more. Once I have purchased a recipe at price of 25 silver but sold it for 10 wow gold. 

Maybe some people will think that is unbelievable. Who will pay 10 wow gold for something that only worth 25 silver? The answer is so obvious, people are lazy especially the players who has bored the easy battle and missions. They don’t want to waste time to walk to a vendor to get the item really cheap. All players really need to do is go to the vendors and buy the items and then place them on the auction house, so easy! 

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