World Sufi Spirit Festival ropes in Lebanese singer AbeerNehme

~ In her very first Indian performance, this renowned International crossover singer is all set to mesmerize the audiences ~

~ Prominent artists from Azerbaijan, Iran, Morocco, Tajikistan and Canada also roped in to perform at the festival ~


It is through art and music that one can relate to a deep feeling of ecstasy - an ecstasy floating between fulfilment and the longing of the beloved, declaim the Sufi poets.

This year the World Sufi Spirit Festival (WSSF) has roped in an exceptional international artist AbeerNehmewho is very well known for her exquisite talents in performing different music styles with great ease and professionalism.This extremely talented and well versed singer and musicologist will be performing for the very first time in India that too in the mystical state of Rajasthan. Along with an eclectic mix of artists from across the globe and India, WSSF promises to be a powerhouse of performances that will leave the audiences enchanted!

Imbibed in music, AbeerNehmeperforms Arabic Traditional Tarab, traditional Middle Eastern folks, Arabo Andalusian songs, Ancient Syriac and Maronite chants, Opera, and Western Music. Having acquired a Master’s degree of Art in Musicology from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik — USEK, she has received a diploma in advanced traditional Arabic music performance and sings in more than nineteen different languages.

Patronized by internationally renowned artist Sting, theWorld Sufi Spirit Festival (WSSF) will play host to some of the leading exponents of Sufi from across the borders this year.Close on the heels of AbeerNehme, the festival has also roped in acclaimed artists from Azerbaijan, Iran, Morocco, Tajikistan and Canada. Through dance, music and singing, treasures of the global culturesalong with their deep rooted affiliation with Sufi rituals will be revealed during this festival.

The Azerbaijani Mugham, a traditional musical form, draws upon popular bard melodies, rhythms and performance techniques and reflects different periods of Azerbaijan’s history.

Shams Ensemble's performance will feature the ancient Persian instruments, the Tanbour and the Daf. The Ensemble from Iran will showcase the traditional music composed by the Pournazeri family, based on Rumi's poetry. The Ensemble is influenced by the masters of traditional Persian music and poetry, while also adding more modern composition.

The Al-ala repertory of Morocco continues to include eleven Nubas, with each one being divided into five movements (Mizan) played on five basic rhythms. Gharnati is the name of the Arab-Andalusian music, as practiced in Oujda and Rabat. The same will be showcased this year at WSSF.

In association with AKMI - Aga Khan Music Initiative - Aga Khan Trust for Culture, singers from the mountain folk of the Pamir,Tajikistan will bring to life devotional music, dance and mystical songs in the form of Sahiba, the graceful ballerina.

Hosted at the Mehrangarh and Ahichhatragarh Forts in Jodhpur and Nagaur respectively, the festival will kick start on Monday, 17th February 2014 in Nagaur and will culminate on Sunday, 23rd February at Jodhpur.

Festival Dates: Monday 17 Feb - Wednesday 19 Feb 2014, Ahichhatragarh Fort — Nagaur

Friday 21 Feb - Sun 23 Feb 2014, Mehrangarh Fort - Jodhpur

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