CBM New Zealand is helping the disabled people by providing them with support. They are also helping promote their inclusion, and are raising an awareness regarding the needs of the disabled.

A great number of disabled and needy children have gotten a bright smile on their faces, all thanks to the work of a local NGO, which aims at helping the disabled and needy children by providing them with care, financial support, and the child sponsorship.

The struggle of the disabled personnel, and the needy children is not something new for the world. Like all the countries, New Zealand is no different where thousands of the needy children, and disabled persons seek the help from someone. However, thanks to CBM, a christian non-profit organization, the lives of thousands of people have changed. The main aim  of the CBM is to give the disabled persons the support they need, promote their inclusion, and raise awareness of their needs. According to the statistics, they have done impressive work so far.

Among the numerous programs they are running across the globe, one particular program, which has left a significant impact, is their child sponsorship program. The CBM are running their child sponsorship program in some of the poorest countries around the globe, helping poor children get the very basic necessities. In the process, they have improved the quality of life of thousands of children, and they continue to do so. The CBM takes great pride in their child sponsorship program, without which, many children would have died due to disability before turning even 5.

Generally, the disabled children in such countries remain hidden under the shadows. However, with the child sponsorship, people have helped the CBM bear the surgery and rehab cost of the children.

The CBM shows very impressive statistics which are attracting the attention of many people willing to help the poor and needy. In the year 2014 alone, they have reached over 45 million people, distributed over 900,000 assistive devices, performed more than 990,000 operations. They also managed more than 670 projects in about 65 countries across the globe.

CBM is an international Christian organization whose primary purpose is to improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest people with disabilities and those at risk of disability, who live in the most disadvantaged societies. CBM New Zealand operates across a wide range of disabilities to serve the needs of the whole person. The aim is to give people with disability the support they wish; and to promote their inclusion and raise awareness of their needs.

Contact Info:
Freephone: 0800 77 22 64 (within NZ only)
Phone: +64 9 414 9405
Email: [email protected]
Physical address: Unit B, 112 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland 0632
Postal address: PO Box 303477, North Harbour, Auckland 0751