Rail systems is quite old and heavily used, thus rail inspections are essential for the safety of the whole railroad system. Examining rail tracks and equipments help prevent devastating failure that includes the loss of the cargo and lives of individual. Since defects on some of the equipments in the railroad are one of the leading cause of death in the US, rail inspection makes it more important.

The Company of DingJi Industrial Co., Ltd is known for their great services specializing in common rail test bench , injection pump test bench , EUI/EUP tester and diesel repair tool. The company’s product has been sold all over Europe, South and Latin America, Africa, Asia, Mid-East and Australia. Network distribution of the company was established in EU and in South America only. The company is one of the world’s leading measurements for the railways and railroads technology.

The company uses high technology tools to provide a quality service for their clients. The common rail tester bench and the tools sales that the company uses rank first class in the Chinese market. This device can be used to test valve injectors. There are other diesel test bench like PQ-1000 injector tester, CRI-200 common rail injector test bench, 12PSBG 500, 12PSBG-7F Injection Pump and the CR-708 common rail system test. These tools that they offer are for world class in quality. The DingJi Industrial Co., Ltd has a stock of comprehensive range of specialist tools in testing common rail injectors, repairing service and reassembly of most diesel fuel injectors. They have a numerous tools for repairing high pressure pumps, all types of injector, electric driving source, repair kits, injectors and high-precision adjusting shims. The company will assure people of one year guarantee and three months for the tools.

The EUI/EUP tester can be used together with conventional injection pump test bench to fulfill the EUI EUP testing or for installation of CR test bench. EUI/EUP tester system is composed of EDC, cambox, 22adaptations and camshafts. This is suitable for Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar and Volvo. The diesel repair tool has many types to offer to have a one-step solution. The company also offers great products for repairing tools like sealing tester, adjusting shims, nozzle tester, injector travel tester and injector valve grinding machine. In addition there is also a worktable where the client will surely love working on. The DingJi Industrial Co., Ltd also offers repair kit of all types of seals, washer for cheap prices and a high quality that are suitable in repairing all types of injection pump and common rail injector and any types of pumps in the corner of the earth. Everyone also doesn’t have to worry if the product has broken parts. The DingJi Industrial Co., Ltd also not only offers high technology measurement tools for the railroads and railway but they also have spare parts for mechanical tools. The DingJi Industrial Co., Ltd is certified and license for their quality products that they deliver throughout the world.

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