30, July 2015: Due to chronic power outages and inadequate electrical service in many areas of Indonesia and andbangladesh, a small number of people in these two countries are resorting to the use of solar energy.

“People in rural areas began to use solar energy earlier than those in thoese areas due to inadequate public electricity service in rural areas,” said Mr Yu, the director of Wotech solar Group limited, a company that supplies and installs solar energy systems.

Mr ye Said that we produce solar panel from 5w to 300w, we have many wholesalers in these two countries , who has installed solar energy systems in sports clubs and homes in several governorates.

“Businessmen working in the field of solar energy present the idea to rural residents…and convince them that it is an appropriate alternative because [the investment is only] about $1000 for households with moderate electricity usage,” he said.

he said that more people have been encouraged to use solar energy due to a 50 percent drop in the price of solar panels.

“The cost of one panel was $500 in 2013 but now it sells for $250,” Mr Yu said.

In the long run, generators are more expensive because they of the fuel costs that accumulate, he added.

Finding a suitable place to fasten the solar panels is the main issue that people encounter, because each panel requires an 80 × 170 cm surface area. One panel, however, can power four light bulbs, a TV and a washing machine for six hours.

Engineer Mr Li said that solar energy is a good option for individual homes. It is relatively expensive up front, however the life span of a panel is 10 years and the only cost is the initial investment. now we send about 5 containers with WT50W Poly solar panel, WT 100W Poly solar panel, WT 250W Poly solar panel to these two countries each month, which is all used for off-grid solar kit and solar street lightings. we hope that our brand Wotech solar can get more marketshare in indonesia and Bangladesh.

Mr Yu , director of Wotech solar Group limited, who told us that : we will keep our market share in European countries , now we have black mono 265w and Poly 260w and Poly 250w in our Rotterdam and Hamburg warehouse, this way, our customers can take goods within 24hours after payment, meanwhile, we will expand our marketshare in other develeping countries. like China, India, africa and south america.

Norway, UK, Germany + EU they have one of the biggest Fund for renewable energy (the first is from the Arabic countries, like Barhein, kuwait, etc).

The Funds for renewable energy are to increase the national companies in the renewable (Germany first of all), but abroad. This fund, for instance, is the guarantee for the incentives in Ghana (they pay 20 cUS$/kwh, for PV energy Over 100 kW).

Wotech solar choosed Africa 10 years ago. Now there are many regulation for the rural areas (and funds also: some 30-40% can be obtained for free).

The reporter ask Wotechsolar : your company not only produce solar panel by yourself, but also do larger solar projects, how do you find them ?

Wotechsolar answered : by relationship, by our branches, by the law for renewable energy, and we inverst putting money in advance, then we get back the money year after from the tarifs we collect month after month. we also hopes that we can find more parnters, who can help us to resell monocrystalline solarpanel and Polycrystalline solar panel, news products BIPV, off-grid solar system, solar lightings, and other solar products.

Wotech solar can provide our customers with best service and good quality.

About Wotech Solar Group Limited:

www.wotechsolar.com, Wotech solar Group Limited, whichis one of the manufacture of solar panels.And produce solar panel from 5w to 300w, meanwhile, which has warehouse in hamburg and Rotterdam .black mono 265w and Poly 250w sales better in Netherlands, welcome your inquiry.

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