Every vehicle owner needs the reassurance of a simple car escape hammer device at their fingertips, to save themselves or their family if they become trapped in their car.

Portland, Oregon — Monday 17 August, 2015:  For a limited time, Nifty Selections are offering 30% off their AutoXiTool Car Escape Hammer 2 Pack on Amazon, giving everyone the opportunity to get one of these exclusive rescue tools.

In an emergency every second counts, which is why Nifty Selections recommends an AutoXiTool Car Escape Hammer should be standard equipment in every vehicle.

What can a driver do when trapped in a car with other passengers or even young children?

With maybe just seconds to escape from their seatbelts and get out of the car, how does a driver move quickly and safely?

Windows and doors may NOT open during an emergency, trapping people in the vehicle. A simple car escape hammer becomes essential equipment. The weighted steel pointed hammer head will quickly break a side window so occupants can escape.

The razor sharp blade will cut through seatbelts when seconds count. In an emergency there is no time to fiddle with a child's seatbelt or car seat straps. Instead QUICKLY and safely cut the children loose to escape.

The tool's hammer head can be used to clear away shattered glass avoiding the risk of further injury while escaping the vehicle.

The bright yellow AutoXiTool fits almost any size hand and stores easily in the glove compartment or console and is simple to use.

Drivers usually have a roadside assistance card in the car with a number to call in an emergency. They should have an AutoXiTool too.

It comes in a twin pack, so there is one for the car and one for the home or second vehicle

For a short time Nifty Selections are offering 30% off the regular Amazon price, reduced to $17.45 for the pair to make them easily available to all vehicle owners. Use code 30SAVING at Amazon checkout

Just visit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00H39MX6U

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