United States; 09, December 2014: WP Pro Host, one of the industry’s leading web hosting companies is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its most advanced and highly secure website hosting platform for WordPress owners worldwide who are looking for fast and reliable web hosting program with maximum security. Hosted on FireHost, WP Pro Host offers the most intelligent multilayered security to the customers, making it almost impossible for the hackers and bugs to infest the WordPress site.

Due to a sudden rise in number of cyberattacks, organizations large & small are struggling to reduce the risk of breach from hackers. Besides, all their traditional technology strategies are proving insufficient and ineffective against such a menace. The irony is that most of the cloud providers nowadays treat security as an add-on or afterthought, which makes matters worse for the website owners. However, the good news is that all this is about to change because WP Pro Host is introducing the most advanced, fastest and highly secure WordPress hosting program for businesses throughout the world. What makes this website hosting plan so special is that it is hosted on FireHost, which offers the most comprehensive security from all kinds of online threats one could literally think of.

Some of the key features of WP Pro Host are:
- Quick WordPress Setup and Great Features
- Most Secure and Fastest Hosting for WordPress
- Hosted on FireHost
- DDoS Mitigation, IP Reputation Filtering and Vulnerability Management
- Intrusion Detection, Network Security Layer 3 Firewalls and Hypervisor Firewall Security
- Web Application Firewall (WAF), Hardened OS and Managed Anti-Virus
- Data Loss Prevention and Encryption, Log Capturing and Correlation
- Security and Event Management, Security Access Controls
- Guaranteed Service
- 6 Times Faster Loading Websites
- With the Help of Intuitive Applications and Tools, Customers Can Manage their WP Install with Ease

Customers can choose from four hosting programs based on their needs and budget, namely “Simple Hosting Plan”, “Popular Hosting Plan”, Great Hosting Plan”, and “Awesome Plan”.

For more information, simply visit: http://wpprohost.com/

About WP Pro Host:

WP Pro Host is a highly innovative web hosting company that is out on a mission to provide individuals, companies and business owners with most advanced, fully secure and high performance WordPress hosting platform. As a company they believe in 100% customer satisfaction and offer 24/7 customer services backed by a team of knowledgeable staff.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Michael Noel
Phone: 480-442-3244
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