It has not been three weeks since the news of the merger of Omnicom and Publicis took the whole advertising industry of the world by awe. The merger would put Publicis-Omnicom on the top of the list as the world’s largest advertising agency with the total revenue of about US$31bn. The resultant conglomerate will then create most ads for a whopping more amount of brands than anyone else in the world. The two heads of the firms John Wren and Maurice Levy will together run things around in the merged organization from a neutral location in the Netherlands. 

This news has not gotten down well with the current largest ad agency in the world, WPP. Headed by the very respectable and acclaimed Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP will not be taking this massive blow to its business hands down. WPP will surely take advantage of the fact that many of the current clients of Omnicom and Publicis will surely foresee a competitive conflict from if they continue working under the same umbrella of the ad agency that is marketing their competitors’ products. So this time, WPP is silently trying to lure in the unsatisfied customers from both Omnicom and Publicis separately to cut the wings of the merger before they spread out and over shadow it. 

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