United Kingdom In a recent announcement, the world’s first and foremost canine treat provider revealed their brand would soon be featured on hit global TV sensation Made In Chelsea, alongside all your favourite cast members from this hugely popular show. After years and years of building a name for themselves in the pet industry, this revelation has no doubt put the icing on the cake for those behind the company. It is not yet clear when the final episode will go out live on televisions across the nation, but the contracts have been signed, and so we can expect that moment to come very soon indeed. 

A subsidiary of Dugdale Nutrition, Wuffitmix has been around for quite a long time. Their first appearance of note was at the Crufts convention of 1987, where they made waves in the canine world with their eye-catching trade stand which featured the now globally famous cartoon dog “Duggie” on a television screen. Although they keep all cards close to their chest, this publicity stunt earned them immense respect, as the dog was able to hold two-way conversations with the public and anyone who may have passed by. For 1987, this was a pretty futuristic piece of technology. 

Lick n Mix from Wuffitmix is basically a dry dog food with all the nutrition and goodness healthy canines need. While promotional efforts had declined slightly over the last few years, they are now back on track thanks to new member Hannah joining this family run business, and bringing with her a significant ambition and drive. Not only does it look as if Wuffitmix will become a household name over the next few months, but experts are predicting they could soon contend well with all the established brands you see in the supermarket today. 

So, keep your eyes peeled while watching the next few episodes of Made In Chelsea, and hopefully you’ll spot Wuffitmix in all their glory. At the end of the day, an animal product that’s fun, exciting, healthy and nutritious simply can’t fail. You all know how important it is to look after dogs, especially when it comes to their eating habits, and this brand understands that sentiment. 

If you’d like to drop Wuffitmix a line to find out about the Made In Chelsea episode, or if you have any questions or queries at all relating to their products or services, you can get in touch via their website, or by using the contact information below. 

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