Jiangsu, China, January 16, 2014: The China based steel company offers a wide variety of amazing steel products inheriting low prices, high quality and perfect services. The company is famous in producing High Speed Steel and supplying at competitive prices. The production is carried out as per both national standards and international standards. It is supplied in round bar, flat bar, square bar, sheet, plate and wire. 

As per the website, the company is very famous and reputed for the service and quality that it maintains. The company also manufactures and supplies M2 High Speed Steel which is commonly used in cutting tools, tool bits, drill bits, power-saw blades and cold forming tools. Such type of steel has the capacity to withstand higher temperatures without any difficulty. This inherited property helps the steel to cut faster as compared to other types of steels. Its other features are high toughness, hardness and abrasion resistance. 

The website demonstrates that one can obtain this speed steel in all the sizes as length can be customized as per the requirement. It is widely utilized in milling tools, reamers, broaches, metal saws and twist drills. It can also be used for cold forming tools such as screw dies, plastic molds, slotting tools, cold work dies as well as cold extrusion punches. Another product offered by the company is 1.3343 High Speed Steel which is normally used in cutting tools, cold forming tools, drill bits and machine tool bits. It is famous for its good cutting performance and high toughness. 

According to the company website, this steel has the power to withstand higher temperatures with ease. It is recommended to cool this steel slowly after forging. The company offers easy payment options and strives to offer 100% customer satisfaction. The quality is sustained and the products have to undergo strict control standards. Every product comes with a guarantee period and is designed in accordance with the tastes and preferences of the customers. The company even offers excellent after sales services for its valuable customers. One can gain detailed information about the company and its wide variety of products by logging on to the website http://sinohss.com/ . 

About Wuxi Fuhong Especial Steel Co., Ltd: 

Wuxi Fuhong Especial Steel Co. Ltd was established in 1998 in China. The company supplies high quality steel products at very reasonable prices. It is a family run business that is committed to provide reliable and friendly services. It is highly reputed for both service and quality that it renders. The main markets that it covers include America, Europe and South Asia. 

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