From time to time people embark on a journey somewhere for private matters or business matters. Greek is a place that sometimes visited for those matters and a service is welcoming travelers for lifestyle management.

X Greece is a lifestyle service for adventurous travelers and hopeful residents of Greece. This new company prides itself on providing exclusive tourism to its clients whether they are traveling for business or fun. This exclusivity includes access to luxury villas and yachts, night clubs, and premier event planning. Travelers who want to feel and live a unique, extraordinary and never-to-be-forgotten experience in Greece, with absolute accuracy, loyalty and client secrecy should contact X Greece.

A client’s experience with X Greece will be easy and stress-free from the first phone call or Skype message with a team member to their final departure. All clients will have the same team member to assist them through the end of their time in Greece; that team member is also available 24/7 throughout the trip to meet any other requests.

With regards to events, X Greece organizes weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, business conventions, trade shows, movie productions, sports excursions, and parties of any kind. Greece weddings are designed to embrace the cultural and natural beauty of the country. Sports events are an exciting way to experience local surroundings and people. There’s also no better way to celebrate than in one of Greece’s hottest night clubs.

Real estate is another component of this service. X Greece offers legal, financial, property search services, and more to assist clients in their purchase of a Greek home or development.

X Greece pays attention to detail and making a client’s trip as perfect and as comfortable as possible within their budget. Planning is fast and always tailored to the clients’ needs and wants. The company charges a commission of 2% for real estate fees and 10% for leisure fees; X Greece ensures that its financial negotiations will save clients both time and money.

The company is driven by strong team loyalty and promises total client secrecy for those seeking private travel. X Greece keeps a friendly, focused, and driven team specializing in customer satisfaction. Each team member is knowledgeable of Greece, its culture, and its people. The team members are said to “live and breathe inspiring experiences” and only surround themselves with unique adventure. X Greece team members are the best “tour guides” in the country.

Travelers with fine taste need to pack their bags because X Greece is open for business. For more information, visit:

Submitted by: Jamie White
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