30, July 2015: Airwheel electric unicycles so far have been hot at home and abroad and are greatly popular with electric unicycle users from different countries. Among X series of Airwheel electric single-wheel scooters, X3 is more popular than X8 with users. Many people might struggle a lot about buying X3 or X8?Today, a comparison between X3 and X8 will provide some information for those still hesitating about X3 or X8.

I. Quality
Quality counts for both a product and its safety. Airwheel X3 and X8 are both equipped with imported Li-ion battery cells, Cheng Shin high-end tires, synthetic resin shells made of high-tech nanometer materials and ultra-silent magnetic suspension motors. Thus, both are in high quality, where there is no much difference.

II. Performance
Airwheel X3is provided with 130wh and 170wh optionally, while X8 supports only 170wh since it is somewhat a culmination among X series, which can work well only under 170wh.

X8 is the unique large-hub electric unicycle, boasting more intelligentdisplay panel and thinner shell. As a result, X8 undoubtedly excels X3 a lot in performance.

III. Cost Performance
Good performance cannot be parted from a fair price. Though X8 defeats X3 in performance, the latter has a greater advantage in price. Better affordability and lower cost make X3 stand out. Behaving the same as X8 in quality, it costs only two thirds of X8. And because of a favorable price, users will not be that worried when their intelligent scooters are damaged due to improper operation.

IV. Appearance
In terms of appearance, X3 and X8 have their own merits. X3 has fancy limited customized editions while X8 has a noble carbon fiber texture; the 16-inch large hub of X8 looks high-profile and luxury while for X3, blue and orange members join in the original black and white ones recently, being fashionable and fancy. Aesthetics varies from person to person, so it is really difficult for customer to choose X3 or X8.

In general, X3 is more cost-effective while X8 has better performance. No matter X3 or X8, Airwheel assures with the best quality and the coolest appearance.

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