This is an addition to my first XanGo review. I am somebody who is serious about network marketing, and home based business. This industry has truly been remarkable for me over the last 9 years.

As I said in my initial XanGo review, I think the company and product are both terrific, and I still do. However, a recent personal encounter has brought me to post this addition.

Back in 2004 to 2006 I was an active XanGo distributor, and I built a team well over 1200 active distributors there. Not a ton compared to what I've done since, but still a respectable network that paid me a decent passive income for several years after.

I'm sure many other companies have done this also, but this is my first experience and truly feel anybody considering joining and building a XanGo business needs to know this up front prior to putting in their time and energy.

It seems XanGo is starting to actually "restrain" their distributors to the point they cannot do much of anything outside of XanGo without getting into trouble with the company.

I'm not sure about yourself, but I personally got into this specific industry for freedom, and I believe that most other networkers would probably agree, we HATE being controlled. If that wasn't the case we'd simply just stay at our jobs and do everything our supervisor tells us, right?

Well, over the past year or so I've really begun to build out the following blog to help other folks make much more money and make better decisions on joining certain companies they are considering.

At first XanGo informed me that my review was making medical claims which were against their policies. Even though I have not been actively building for over 5 years, I was still an active rep earning a check every month from what I built in the past.

I was happy to remove the few lines that were making claims, and I responded to their request so maybe they'd unsespend my distributorship. Nope...

They responded that in order for me to comply with their policies I could not have ANY other company reviews or mentions on my blog. In other words I could NOT tell people anything about any other company if I wanted to be a XanGo distributor. I also could not be a part of any other program that offers an affiliate program, even if it was a program like My Lead System Pro that actually helps individuals build their network marketing business, no matter which one it is.

Here is an exact copy of those policies:


Section 2 Obligations of a Distributor and Managing a Distributorship

D. Offerings. A Distributor may not offer or promote any non-Company plans, incentives, opportunities, or non-approved Sales Tools in conjunction with the promotion of Products.


In other words, if you want to be a XanGo distributor, you cannot market anything else, while or even after you stop actively building. I know and understand many companies have these policies, but it appears that XanGo is enforcing them very heavily.

Even though NONE of my company reviews are actually "promoting" those companies as a distributor, they don't care. For example, I wrote reviews on ACN, MonaVie, and other companies which I'm not, and never have been a rep for. But that doesn't matter, in order for me to remain a XanGo rep and keep earning the residual revenue I worked hard to build, they require me to eliminate EVERYTHING that mentions other companies.

Overall I still believe that XanGo is a sound company and a great business for those looking for a nutritional business to build locally doing home meetings or face to face meetings. But for those who want to build online, utilizing the power of the internet, and using third party training platforms like My Lead System Pro, be extremely careful what you do and say online, XanGo is watching and policing you.

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