Brandon, MB — December 28,2015 With many finding limited hiring accounting staff familiar with Xero, many are now making the switch to the popular financial management program Quickbooks.

As of June 2015, both Xero and Quickbooks were expanding their customer bases rapidly with Xero: 42% growth since May 2014; QBO: 23%. However, within the past 5 months, QBO has jumped ahead, with a whopping 37% increase in customers compared to Xero’s 14%. With many familiar with the Quickbooks system across the board, a large number of companies are shifting to Quickbooks from Xero due to hiring issues.

“The fact is, many companies simply cannot find experienced accountants that are familiar with the New Zealand based-accounting program, Xero,” explains John Rocha, who is the CIO of

While Xero has made strides since its launch in 2006 with its mobile-friendly program, companies are having difficulty hiring those familiar with the new system. Intuit, which was founded in 1983, is the powerhouse behind the popular Quickbooks program that is the primary program used by companies and staffers.

“They’re the most reputable and have the largest user base around the globe,” adds Rocha. “With more accountants experienced with Quickbooks online, companies see it as a no-brainer to switch from Xero to ensure a more cost-effective approach to finding and hiring professionals.”

While Quickbooks does not offer a conversion from Xero to Quickbooks Online or Desktop version at this time, E-Tech has worked to fill this void by offering a turnkey conversion service for customers. With full historical conversations, the company is able to convert entire Xero accounts with no errors within 1-2 business days. To learn more about this service, visit:
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