XiaMen Cenewig Sanitary Ware CO. LTD is upholding its affirmative reputation by continuously providing quality sanitary wares, faucets , kitchen wares, and the like. With the efficiency of this company, when it comes to providing high quality products, people have an ideal option when looking for cost efficient sanitary wares and more. This is the perfect company people should look into if they wish to get quality products with great efficiency. The company is an expert in terms of offering such products, so you people can guarantee favorable investment on them.

Providing efficient and high quality products to satisfy the desires of customers is one of the topmost priorities of XiaMen Cenewig. This is the same reason why up until now the company continues to grow for the better. The company is founded way back in the year 2012, which has developed into a big comprehensive enterprise comprising of sales, R&D, services, and production departments. It specializes in manufacturing kitchen wares, sanitary wares, faucets, and more.

The company’s factory is situated in NanAn, which covers the area approximately around 20 thousand square meters. XiaMen Cenewig is worked by a team, who are full of skilled leading methods, experiences and rich in innovative spirit. They already passed the certification from ISO9001, which made them an even more considerable choice. At XiaMen Cenewig, they strictly perform inspection and administration in every process of quality management and production. With the competent personnel and innovative manufacture equipment, Cenewig products have already enjoyed a significant amount of reputation and popularity from local and international.

People will be able to avail quality shower and faucet sets from the company, so they should consider checking it out every time they require one. Until now, this company had integrated an influential sale network, which covers the entire domestic markets with over 200 agents. It also has an exclusive agency from which it is now involved in several overseas markets, primarily exported to Asian countries, Middle East, South America, and Europe and so on. Another great thing about this company is that its team is highly concerned about environmental protection providing customers with fashionable, healthy and comfortable experience from their bathroom products.

For more information about the products and services offered by XiaMen Cenewig, feel free to visit them at http://www.cenewig.com/

Company: XiaMen Cenewig Sanitary Ware CO. LTD
Address: 2nd Floor, Building 102, Logistics Park of Tongan Industry Group Area, Xiamen, China
Telephone no.: +86-592-7363919
Fax no.: +86-592-7112297
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.cenewig.com/