July 19th, 2013; Houston, TX: Part of XOOM Energy’s commitment to our Texas electricity customers and their renewable energy requests include offering our customers renewable energy that exceeds the requirements of the Texas Market. Customers can choose either 35% or 100% renewable energy based on the level of commitment they want to make to the environment. The price difference in using a clean source of household power in now minimal and the impact is significant and long lasting.

So what exactly does it mean to use only renewable energy from XOOM Energy? Renewable energy is energy that is produced from sources that have less of a negative impact on the environment compared to traditional fossil fuels. Making the decision to spend a few pennies more to power your home on this cleaner option is truly a lifestyle choice. XOOM Energy has accomplished our goal of making the switch to 100% renewable energy fast and easy for customers, the rest is up to the customers that asked for it. XOOM Energy believes in the do no harm philosophy and our time and effort to provide the easiest and cleanest energy products is a result of that belief. XOOM Energy knows that Green energy can supply a significant proportion of the country’s energy needs. The current misconceptions surround how hard it is to make the change in your home. We are here telling our Texas area customers that it could not be simpler to make the responsible choice. Your choice to use only renewable energy sources takes only 3 minutes and has many positive benefits such as environmental improvement, an increase of fuel diversity and regional economic development.

XOOM Energy has these new cleaner options available to our customers in more states every month. XOOM Energy is proud to be a pioneering Texas renewable energy company setting an example for our industry. We encourage everyone who wants to take real positive action to visit xoomgreen.com and learn more about our products. XOOM Energy offers Texas the exact same home electricity customers already receive made cleaner and better. With just a few minutes invested you can be a part of the solution with 100% renewable power flowing to your TV’s, computers and appliances.

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