China, March 20, 2014: Proper display of goods is essential for any business that involves sales. In fact, showcasing is the first step in the course of conversion of visitors into customers. Displaying items in a store is an art and many retailers employ people for the task of proper display arrangement. Attractiveness of products at a retail point also depends upon the kind of showcase is used for the purpose. The extensive range of POS floor displays manufactured by Ya Cai Display Limited ensures that all retailers can have the right type showcase for their store. Ya Cai products are sturdy, light and beautiful.

Ya Cai Display Limited manufactures innovative point of sale displays and point of purchase displays. The commitment of the company towards quality is evident from the fact that its products are sold throughout the world and some of the globally renowned companies are its clients. The company inputs commendable effort to provide full range of display units and become one-stop point for purchase of any kind of cardboard pallet display. The range of products provided by Ya Cai describes in volume about it. Counter top units, protective packaging, POS Pallet shippers, POS floor displays, POS dump bins, etc. are different items that retailers can purchase from Ya Cai.

Since its establishment, Ya Cai Display Limited has striven to build a group that is right merger of professional designers and skilled technicians. Even today, the workforce of the company continues to evolve to address the changing need of changing time. Ya Cai has impressively effective management system that has control over quality as well as ensures satisfactory after sales service for its customers. Whether customer purchases several counter top units or requires only a single display item, the level of support offered to both is equal.

The production work is carried out completely in the independent factory of Ya Cai Display Limited. The expanse of 15,000 square metres has Laser Die-Mould Cutter, Super CTcP UV-Setter, Coating Machine and Offset Printing Machine. Thus, the manufacturer can print without dimension restriction and without film. In other words, the product process for all products from the largest POS floor displays to the smallest counter top units starts and completes within the same factory complex. The independence from third-parties reflects on the prices of display units, which are affordable for both small and bulk purchases. Olay, Disney, Pepsi, Barbie, Home Depot, Tesco, Dolce & Gabbana, Carrefour and Walmart have strong and long-term relationship with Ya Cai Display Limited.

About Ya Cai Display Limited:


Ya Cai Display Limited is situated in Po Xing Long Industrial Building in 3rd Industrial Zone of Xia Nan Shan Village, China. The company manufactures wide range of display units for shops and large stores. All the units are made of cardboard but are strong and attractive. Ya Cai has customers throughout the world.