08, June 2016: WHO WE ARE

Yield Management Inc. is a boutique investment firm that works with private clients seeking professional financial guidance in the areas of asset protection and capital growth.


While making use of cutting edge technologies, Yield Management’s leadership believe strongly that the most important aspect of helping clients reach their goals is the personal relationship between you — the client — and your Account Executive.

Strategically located in India, they can best service clients from a broad geographical base, from Europe to Asia, through the Middle East. The centrally located between the time-zones helps to maximize direct contact with clients. Markets move quickly in the modern world and it's important to have open lines of communication. The geo-political landscape can shift, news can be released and trading decisions at times require speed and agility.


A recent survey of 11,000 people in 12 countries by HSBC determined that internationally, across all countries and cultures, 47% of people's biggest concern is their long-term financial security, and a majority (51%) feel unprepared to deal with unexpected events, and have no plan to address these issues.

Yield Management Inc works with clients on an individual basis to help prioritize their investment objectives and establish a concrete plan to meet these needs. The first step is getting to know a new client personally — what are your concerns? What are your dreams? What financial needs do you know to have coming up in the short, medium and long term? Where is your comfort level on the risk/reward spectrum? The next step is to make a concrete, measurable plan to help every client achieve their dreams and goals, while sleeping peacefully at night. The final step is an ongoing review of your portfolio, and what is happening in the lives of clients and their families, so they can adjust the portfolio and if necessary the overall plan.

YM Advisors work closely with their clients to establish the proper balance between growth, safety and income. This is the first and most important step, and the basis for all asset selection and portfolio balancing decisions going forward.


Simply put, the research and market intelligence team take both a macro and micro view — starting with analyzing macro-economic factors, global trends and always keeping an eye out for emerging industries. They identify which sectors will lead the markets.

They then screen hundreds of individual companies using a multi-disciplined approach combining fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis to find the best opportunities for our clients (and ahead of the competition). It may be an old cliché, but especially in emerging sectors, the early bird really does get the worm.

The final stage of any screening always comes back to the client — does this particular investment help this individual client to move forwards towards meeting their investment goals and objectives? Is it appropriate for their comfort level? All seasoned investment professional will confirm that these last two questions are the most important for long-term happy and healthy client relationships.


While not glamorous, the foundation of any investment firm is the back office, compliance and administration team. The Yield Management service and support team work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that your account is opened easily, transactions are executed, settled and reported smoothly, and all reporting and communication is timely, simple and clear.

About Us

To learn more about how Yield Management Inc can help you achieve your goals, read their website at www.yieldmgmtinc.com, or email [email protected] to request a copy of the monthly newsletter or to request to speak with one of their Professional Investment Advisors.

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