San Antonio, Texas — Y&L Consulting, located on the web at , is a $160+ million global business and technology solutions company. Y&L Consulting has more than 2,500 employees across five continents who work tirelessly to produce desirable results for companies around the globe. Many of San Antonio’s largest corporations, such as HEB, Harland Clarke, Clear Channel and Valero rely on Y&L Consulting for SAP, IT consulting services and custom application services. Now, Y&L Consulting explains how its dynamic alliance with YASH Technologies helps the company deliver the very best in IT staffing and IT services for all of its clients.

Y&L Consulting and YASH Technologies work together to form solution certifications and core areas of excellence. By working together to create innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes, Y&L Consulting and YASH Technologies are able to help clients control costs, enhance efficient functioning and ultimately increase profits.

Y&L Consulting and YASH Technologies provide a wide range of IT solutions and processes for clients, including:

- SAP. SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications, Products, and is considered very user-friendly and flexible. SAP focuses on security and data integrity as well as user real-time applications for businesses.

- Oracle. Oracle is a software suite that works to allow users to save data to a “cloud” application securely.

- .NET. .NET is an integral part of many applications and provides common functionality across software systems. Developing a .NET framework means that a company will be able to use multiple types of software simultaneously and successfully.

- Java. Critical for many dynamic software programs, Java has become virtually indispensable for companies that plan to use any type of visual enhancement to websites or software programs.

- SharePoint. SharePoint is a Microsoft application that allows users to share information across multiple platforms.

- Cognos. IBM’s business management software allows companies to share financial information quickly and securely.

- PeopleSoft, Informatica, Mainframe and many more.

Y&L Consultants works with YASH Technologies and utilizes all of these programs, as well as others, in helping San Antonio businesses find easy software and hardware solutions for their companies.

About Y&L Consulting:

Y&L Consulting and YASH Technologies work together to help businesses find IT solutions to their most demanding problems. The alliance between these two companies has allowed Y&L Consulting to serve some of San Antonio’s largest companies and provide them with workable IT programs and software solutions.

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