Lugano, Switzerland — Italy is the center of fashion for the entire world, with Milan and Rome serving as two of the most important places for fashion on the globe. The problem with Italian designers is that they have been notoriously difficult to deal with online, and many of their designs were only available at small boutique stores in very large cities throughout the world. People that did not live near one of these cities found that getting access to the latest fashions was extremely difficult. Youshopitaly is an agent for buying and shipping clothing from Italy that makes the process virtually pain free and saves consumers money in the process.

Consumers can go to and register for the Youshopitaly service. Registration is free, and so is browsing through the potential Italian retailers the customer might want to buy from. With the browser add-on that consumers are prompted to install, they are able to shop at all of the retailers in Italy and have their purchases shipped to the Youshopitaly storage facility before shipping the items overseas. This enables customers to save potentially hundreds of dollars on shipping costs.

The expansion of the services offered by Youshopitaly now extends to over 250 countries, including the United States and Russia. Consumers in these countries can shop for the items that they so desperately want, and not have to worry about the hassles of dealing with a retailer that cannot accept an international credit card or a retailer that does not ship outside of Italy. With the aid of Youshopitaly, consumers have an agent that makes shopping internationally online as easy as it was meant to be.

As a growing business, Youshopitaly is stretching its reach throughout the world. Their ease of use and the services they provide will make Youshopitaly a desirable online shopping partner for many years to come.

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