Lugano, Switzerland — One of the most simple rules of economics is that the more of something that is produced and shipped, the less it generally costs per unit to produce or ship that item. The problem for customers shopping for clothing online is that they often do not need to buy enough of any one item from a particular retailer to take advantage of the reduced shipping costs that come with ordering in bulk. You Shop Italy is the solution to this problem for customers that are shopping for clothing in Italy.

Italian fashion has long been hailed as some of the best in the world. Milan and Rome are two of the most important cities for fashion in the world, and the big fashion houses there control the entire industry. Consumers have long been denied access to the latest fashions from these major fashion houses and the other small retailers in Italy, because of the hassles of international business. Many of the companies do not take international credit cards or they do not ship outside of Italy. This is where You Shop Italy saw a gap in the market and stepped in.

You Shop Italy gives consumers the ability to shop for clothing in Italy by acting as an agent for the consumer and making purchases on behalf of the customer. The items are bought in Italy, paid for in Italy and shipped in Italy. You Shop Italy then stores all of the items that the customer buys for up to thirty days before shipping. This can mean huge savings for the consumer, as they can shop from multiple retailers and have all of their items sent to You Shop Italy and then only ship the items once the cost of shipping has been dropped to an affordable level.

With their thirty days of Italian storage, and the ability to shop multiple retailers, You Shop Italy is poised to become a powerful force in international shopping and shipping throughout Italy and the world. Interested parties should go to, install the browser plug-in and see what You Shop Italy has to offer.

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