Lugano, Switzerland — Clothing typically does not have very much weight, especially high quality couture clothing, but the cost of having those items shipped can still be extremely expensive. The reason for this charge is that shipping companies use volumetric shipping to price international packages, and the cost of this style of shipping can be high, even on low weight items. You Shop Italy ( ) understands the need to keep shipping costs low in order to keep the cost of shopping internationally affordable.

Volumetric shipping is different from traditional shipping metrics because it ignores the weight of the item, and instead calculates freight costs based on the size of the package. Companies do this for international packages because only so many packages can be fit into the cargo hold of an airplane, and light but bulky packages are just as expensive to ship as small heavy packages. Customers who register at are able to use volumetric shipping costs to their benefit.

With You Shop Italy, consumers are able to buy all of the items they want from Italian retailers and have those items sent to the You Shop Italy storage facility. At the facility the consumer can store their items for up to thirty days, enabling the consumer to get several items together before they have to ship their items overseas. Once all of the items have arrived and are ready to ship, customers will see the benefits of using . Several items of clothing can be fit into one box, dividing the cost of shipping among several different items, and lowering the cost of shipping per item considerably. Depending on the number of items, consumers can see their shipping costs almost as low as shipping domestically.

This is just one of the many benefits that consumers will find by using the services at . As the leader in consumer buying and shipping in Italy, You Shop Italy is poised to control the international online market for years to come.

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