According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most truck drivers are 55 years of age and older. With an aging workforce, the need to hire and retain new truck drivers has never been greater. Although many companies have begun to offer special signing bonuses to entice new talent, it is becoming apparent that very few young people want to drive a truck. By the year 2020, the U.S. government expects there to be 330,000 unfilled trucking positions.

Even before the current shortage, the long-haul truck driver was always a difficult position to fill. Long hours on the road and weeks away from family are just two of the reasons why a trucker’s life isn’t for everybody. Today, regulations about driving time are causing even people who are comfortable with life on the road to think twice. Because of the new regulations, truckers who have long depended on being paid per mile are now facing a drop in income.

In the coming years, fleet owners and managers will face even more difficulty the market for quality drivers is getting extremely tight and fleets are aggressively recruiting to fill their openings.The realities of the past 4 years, transportation managers were forced to cut costs and operate leaner in a slow calculating manner, this forced them to cut routes and cut the drivers who delivered those routes.

In effect, this means that trucking companies are ill prepared to deal with the changing trucking market. Trucking companies will be forced to outsource their driver recruiting needs. Companies who have never outsourced their driver recruiting will now be open to it just so they can survive.

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