Refrigerators are unavoidable investments for entrepreneurs running restaurants because of the food preserving and processing part. They know the importance of commercial refrigerators in their premises and how it affects the quality of food they serve. Commercial refrigeration is necessary when it comes to piles of meat loaves and buckets of ice every hour. Since 75% of the cooked food that are served in the eateries are sent to the freezer for preservation or cooling purpose, it is imperative to have a robust machine in every restaurant to be able to serve fresh food all the time. Some restaurant and even home owners prefer to keep slush machines to keep cool servings of delicious cold drink handy.


However, the affectivity of commercial refrigeration depends on the kind and quality of machine that has been put to use. Since keeping a facility of cold storage that run 24/7 requires the best refrigerators, you should understand the difference between the different models. The first type that comes to be mentioned when it comes to commercial machines is the reach-in type. Upright, the machines are not aesthetically appealing and are hence good to use in the cook rooms. Unlike slush machines that can be kept within the sight of the consumers, these freezers are full-length machines with double doors that are slit into halves. These units have the capacity of a few cubic feet with different compartments for each food type.


For greater food storage and commercial refrigeration of bulk food stuffs, you can consider the walk-in unit. With multi-shelving, the unit allows organizing of the food products in perfect order so that finding is never a punishment. They can either be installed on the artificial floors they come with or on your restaurant floor. If you run a pizza joint or sell salad and sandwich as the specials, then a prep table is what you need. These machines, normally installed in prep areas of kitchen have drawers and storage wells to keep salad dressings, sauces, fry dips, batters, etc, fully fresh. For eateries offering beverages, slush machines are a must-have.


Underbar machines are shorter version of the bigger fridges, meant for lesser storage. The units occupy a very small space, but are fully commercial in their functions. Mainly installed under bar counters, they are used to store cocktails and mocktails and make blending easy. While slush machines serve readymade drinks, these ones are meant just for preservation. Last but not the least, commercial refrigeration can be done well in the big glass door units. Designed with transparent doors to display merchandise, they are used in grocery stores and bakeries to put food stuff on display. Even restaurants offering take-out services use them to put up things in stock.


Depending upon the kind of restaurant you have, you can choose the kind of refrigerator you need. There are multiple types and models in the market, but only a couple might suit your requirements. Shop online to available some great discounts.


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