United Kingdom; 12, December 2014: Most of the UK people are aware of the meaning of Payment Protection Insurance, referred as PPI in short. It is basically an insurance policy designed to cover credit repayments during accident, sickness and redundancy. In place of the massive profits generated by financial institutions like banks and lenders, many PPI claim policies were mis-sold to UK people. Yourmoneyclaim.co.uk has already helped thousands of people reclaim their money and compensation successfully. It does the hard work for customers in finding out about them and deals with the lenders step by step.

The website carries out checking on behalf of their customers. There are millions of people who have tricked into owning payment protection insurance through loans, mortgages, hire purchase agreements etc. Value of these policies totals £50 which could be a cause of concern. Lenders sold the PPI policies as a part of the deal when people took credit with them. Your money claim has developed long term and healthy relationship with banks and lenders to check out quickly. Those who have paid around £5 to £30 every month for benefitting from bank accounts could have a claim.

Yourmoneyclaim.co.uk is fully regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in terms of regulated claims management activities. Those who have a Lloyds PPI claim are free to connect through the form page. The website is open to answer all kinds of queries a customer could have. It doesn’t charge any hidden or upfront free for its online services. After confirming the possibilities, for example whether it’s a Barclays PPI or a Halifax PPI, it obtains all the necessary information and documentation. Afterwards a case is launched against the lender, he or she has eight weeks of time to investigate and reach at a conclusion.

It’s quite unfortunate how so many people fell a victim to the financial scandal. There are some people who aren’t even sure of having the policy or not. The UK based site also deals with Packaged Bank Account Claim cases. It does the necessary checking within the claim step by step. By filling up a simple form with some personal details, the customers can expect a quick and efficient way towards recovering the claim amount.

After filling the form, a claim form will be sent to the user and they’ll be assigned a claims manager to guide them at every stage. Customers are free to download the claim pack or just ask a question through mail, telephone or live chat. If referrals lead to successful claim, they could also earn 2.5% commission of the recovered amount.

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Yourmoneyclaim.co.uk has a team of expert professionals providing maximum assistance to UK people in recovering mis-sold PPI amount. It also deals with the claims regarding packaged bank account as per legal rules and regulations. Visit the website for more information on the services offered.