NYC, USA; 18, December 2014: There could be several reasons why a child could be infected with the lice. But a speedy and effective treatment is always required so that it doesn’t spread to other family members. A helpful YouTube Video published by Lice Tamers explains how untreated lice spread rapidly to create a health issue for the entire family. The video also suggests ways to choose a safe and effective Lice treatment NYC.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the video has been published to create awareness about choosing a safe lice treatment procedure that doesn’t require using chemicals. “Chemicals are not only harsh for a child’s hair, but may also lead to health issues such as allergic reactions, and skin irritation. In addition to potential side effects, overuse of these pesticide-based products has resulted in lice becoming resistant to them. So besides the potential side effects they may cause, they most likely will not get rid of the problem,” she states. According to her, Lice Tamers believes in using non-toxic product to eliminate head lice. The pesticide-free products are effective to eliminate lice, without creating any adverse effects.

Besides using safe products, they offer their services in a childfriendly environment. “It is important that a child feel safe and secure while undergoing a lice treatment. Our treatment specialists are trained experts, and we guarantee 100% safe and effective eradication of lice,” the spokesperson states again. They can offer treatment at their NYC center or at your home. In either case, they claim to offer the best and most effective Lice treatment NYC.

Lice Tamers believes in educating families about lice prevention, so that families can avoid the hassle of having to bring their children to the treatment center again and again. They also offer natural lice prevention products. The objective is to prevent a lice infestation before it occurs. Lice Tamers also offers free educational presentations to school and camps. To schedule an appointment for a lice treatment or set up a presentation, one may call them at 631 -479-2595 or may visit their website

About Lice Tamers:

Lice Tamers is owned and operated by a registered board certified nurse practitioner and mom of 3, with over 15 years of experience in the head lice detection and treatment. Lice Tamers offers safe, affordable, same-day lice treatment and nit removal at their clean, modern, fully equipped Lice Treatment Center, or in the comfort of a customer’s home. The experts of the company offer a 100% guarantee of lice removal using their unique methodology and natural and safe products.

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