For those who want to have a smart home, Zcho has come out with innovative solutions. According to them, people can get rid of their century-old switches and can have wireless control of their devices through their smartphones. Amit Sharma and Arjit Sachdeva of Zcho say that the technology they are offering now on a platter is the technology of tomorrow.

They continue to add that those who use this technology can control their daily life from their couches. They can operate lights, fans and all the other appliances of their house from their smartphones without moving an inch from their couches. Especially, old people and those who are disabled may find this smart switch highly useful. In short, this technology makes everyone's life simpler and easier.

They say that it is incredibly easy to install and configure these devices. There is absolutely no need to modify any existing setup. With the Zcho technology, the devices can be set behind the existing switches to make them smart. This means the switches will continue to work normally but, they can be controlled through the mobile phones of the home owners.

Amit Sharma and Arjit Sachdeva add that home appliances can be controlled from a distance of 100 meters using this wireless switch. Likewise, people can turn on the lights before entering the house so that they need not grope in the dark during nights. The best advantage is that people can schedule the turning on and turning off of lights and fans using this mobile switch. By efficiently controlling the devices, lights and fans using this technology, they can save power. Zcho technology also helps in knowing the existing room temperature.

There are two types of devices. One is the Zcho One that can be fitted right behind the existing switches. There is absolutely no need to tamper with the existing fittings. Amit points out that a single device can control up to 5 various appliances. Once this device is installed, the appliances and switches can be controlled through iPhones, Android phones or Tabs.

The other Zcho mobile switch, according to Amit, is known as the Zcho Touch. He calls this as the next generation switch because though this fits in like all other modern modular switches, it is different in the sense that it possesses the capacitive touch feature along with wireless bluetooth, thus giving the users a true modern living convenience.

Amit proudly says that the first shipment will be in the fall of 2013 and you can preorder zcho now

About Zcho

Zcho has come out with innovative devices to control, turn on and turn off the home appliances, lights and fans in houses. Once these devices are installed, lights, fans and other home appliances can be controlled through iPhone, android phones and tabs. These next generation devices besides providing unparalleled convenience bring your home at your fingertips and you can manage your entire house from your mobile phone.

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