China; 29, August 2015: Roll forming machines are used by factories, workshops and various manufacturing units. With this type of rolling, there is continuous blending of long strip of sheet metal into desirable cross-section. It is much suited to coming up with constant profile parts with long lengths and large quantities. Jiangin Zecheng Electromechanical Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high quality roll forming machines. These machines work in a continuous cycle until the completion of final product. Raw material is fed within this machine and with each stage of operation the process ends with final output.

A roll forming machine can easily bend metal at room temperature with the use of various stations. The fixed rollers are known to guide the metal in order to have the essential bends. With the strip of metal travelling, each set would bend this metal a bit more compared to former stations. These machines are very useful for the creation of precise parts which needs minimal finishing work. In majority of cases, based on the material being shaped, the ultimate product features a decent finish with fine detailing. Metal cutting and roll punching duties are also performed by such machines.

Zecheng Machinery also provides a wide selection of tube mill line roll forming machines. Various characteristics like thickness and roller stations can be installed as per customer specifications. It comes with hydraulic power of 7.5 Kw and Panasonic controlling system. Working speed, motor power, dimensions and way of drive are also well balanced to work together. Thus, roll forming is capable of accommodating a wide selection of metals. It includes copper, bronze, steel, aluminum, steel, zinc, titanium, brass, etc. Steel and aluminum have maximum uses in this application.

Apart from metal deck, steel tile, and stud roll, the company also manufactures C&Z purlin roll forming machine. The line specifications such as thickness and roller stations may vary as per customer requirements. It is useful in various technological processes and production speeds may vary from 100 to 180 feet per minute. Most of them are known to use almost 94% of coil material resulting in minimal leftover scraps.

Many industries and manufacturing sectors utilize roll forming services of the company. One of them is aerospace industry for window frames, trimming and helicopter blades. Drawer slides, handles, ladder supports, refrigerator shelves and control panels are other areas of operation. Gas station pumps, rail cars, conveyor systems and vending machines also require roll forming mechanism in production stages.

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Jiangyin Zecheng Electromechanical Co Ltd is involved in comprehensive manufacturing, designing and selling of roll forming machines. The company caters to the need of various industries, factories, manufacturing units, workshops, etc. It believes in maintaining long lasting relationship with clientele through improved sales and servicing standards. Visit the website for more information on the products and services offered.

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