Zee TV On Holi Quotes

Surbhi Joyti (Zoya Ahmed Khan from Qubool Hai)

As a kid, every year as Holi approached, I loved going to the terrace with my friends in the evenings and splashing colors on them. I never realized back then about the amount of water we were wasting, but now as a responsible citizen, I feel everybody should opt for a waterless Holi and use organic Gulaal to ensure that they do not end up damaging their skin in the bargain. I wish all of you a very happy and safe Holi.



Raqesh Vashisht (Asad Ahmed Khan from Qubool Hai)

Each time during a festival, what excites me the most are the savories prepared specially for the guests visiting our home. I have a sweet tooth and gujiyas are my weakness. Every year during Holi, as a kid, I would sneak into the kitchen to steal some gujiyas and stored a few in my cupboard. On the sets, while we are shooting, I continue gorging on sweets while others are busy giving their shots. This year we will all be shooting for Qubool Hai on the day of Holi, however I am surely going to be carrying colors on the sets and will celebrate Holi with everybody on the set post the shoot.



Mansi Shrivastav (Shivani of Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se)

I love Holi for it is one festival when I get to be with my entire family and play with colours and relish special delicacies associated with Holi. I have some extremely fond memories of Holi as a kid when I used to throw water balloons at the passers-by and would ensure that everybody around is drenched in water and colours. This year on Holi, my family and I will avoid wasting water, play with safe colours during the day and will be glued infront of the television in the evening as I am performing in Zee TV’s Holi special show.



Arhaan Behl (Raghu of Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se)

It’s been a while now since my friends and I have all gathered together to celebrate the festival of colours. When we were in college, we used to ensure that all of us get together at a friend’s place a night prior and make arrangements to attack our college hostel the next day where around 50 students used to reside. We were a riot with 50 kids playing holi together on the street. I definitely miss those days, but I will celebrate holi on the sets of our show Do Dil Bandhe EK Dori Se with the entire cast. Wish you all a Happy and colourful Holi.



Paridhi Sharma (Jodha of Jodha Akbar)

As a woman I strongly feel that it is of utmost importance to ensure that on this day of colours and merry-making, we look into the safety of women around us. There are many cases of harassment and eve-teasing around Holi, and it is important to be aware of people around you and report any instances of misbehavior. There are many who do not like to play Holi and as mature people, we should know where to draw a line and not force someone. I wish all of you a happy and safe holi.



Shilpa Shirodkar (Kamla Bai of Ek Mutthi Aasman)

I used to miss celebrating Holi when I was in London post my marriage, but now that I am back in India, I am going to ensure that I meet up all my relatives this year and play Holi with some of my close friends from school and college years. I have such fond memories of holi as a kid, and this year I will revisit those days with my kids. Apart from playing Holi, I will also make some gujiyas at home as my husband loves them and will ensure that everybody on the sets taste some of my homemade sweets as well. Wish all of you a very Happy Holi!



Kaanchi Singh (Avni of Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya)

This year since I will be shooting for the wedding of my on-screen elder brother — Akshat, I do not think I will be able to spend the day with my family, but we are planning to celebrate on the sets post our shoot and complete our shoot a little early that day. Every year on Holi, we have a ritual of purchasing new white clothes and there was this one time when as a kid I saw my father purchase a brand new white kurta which I splashed with colours a night before Holi. The next morning he was so furious that he did not attend the pooja until I went up to him and admitted my mistake.



Roopal Tyagi (Gunjan, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke)

The exuberant colors of Holi bring along with them a spirit of joy, naughtiness and enthusiasm. It is a special time of the year to remember those who are close to our hearts and have a little fun with them by splashing colors!  I wish that the bright colors of Holi and the sheer binding influence of this festival washes away all the negativity, discrimination and age-old prejudices one sees in society. As a responsible citizen, we should save water and use only organic colors. I wish everyone a colorful and safe Holi!


Mishkat Varma (Raaj, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya)

Holi is the apt time to express your love and forgive those who’ve hurt you with the splash of colors. The festival isn’t merely an act of smearing your friends or family with colors or spraying water at your neighbors with a pichkaari but also carries the message of love, brotherhood and bonding. I wish everyone the brightest hues of life. Have a colorful holi!




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