United States of America; 21/01/2014: Zentai tease, for many years, has been offering its platform to customers who’re looking for official superhero costumes, accessories and masks. These costumes are their own factory- made products and feature almost all types of superhero costumes, including Batman, Spiderman, Deadpool, X- Men, Captain Planet, Fantastic Four, Power Ranger, Lantern Corps, Alpha Flight, Justice League, The Avengers, The Incredibles, and many more. 

Spiderman Costumes have always been a crowd- puller and the fact remains with the number of visits and queries the company gets every day. Some of the Spiderman styles which the company offers in its website include Classic Spiderman Spandex, Spiderman Stealth, Future Foundation Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman, Spider- Armour Gray, Black Symbiote Vemon, Golden Spiderman, Negative Zone Spiderman, Iron Spider Armour, Black Spandex, Black Silver Shiny, Blue Metallic Spiderman, etc. The prices range between $42 and $55. 

Fantastic Four costumes are one of the biggest earners for the company. Products that are offered in this category include Blue and White and Red Mr. Fantastic, Fantastic Four Spandex, Human Torch Spandex, Invisible Woman Spandex, Mr. Fantastic Spandex, fantastic Four Shiny Metallic, Marvel Fantastic Four Spandex, and Navy and Black Lycra Spandex. Price ranges between $42 and $53. 

The superhero collection which is a popular seller is the Batman series costumes. The collection includes Robin Spandex, Classic Grey and Black Batman, Tim Drake Version Robin Spandex, Red Robin, Batman Purple and White Spandex, DC Comics Batman, DC Comics Black and Yellow Spandex, etc. are some of the options available. The prices for these costumes range between $41 and $59. Zentaitease.com is known for manufacturing the costumes according to the requirements given by the customer in the website. Customizable options include: feet detachable, hands detachable, without feet, without hands, without hood, open eyes, hood detachable, crotch zipper (Male/ Female), and open mouth. Depending on the preferences the customers may mention their choices while making the orders. 

As this China- based online retailer have its own factory, it eliminates unnecessary costs and instead allows the company to deliver the quality products and services at the affordable rates. Zentaitease.com also asks its visitors to go through a live- chat session and make any kind of enquiries. The customer care representatives are always at hand to answer any kind of questions and clear each and every doubts of the customer. People may visit their website and select their favourite costumes. They would be shipped directly from the company’s office to the people across the globe. 

About Zentai tease: 

URL: http://www.zentaitease.com/ 

Zentai tease is a popular online shopping website, dealing in superhero costumes. Addition to that, it also offers superhero masks and other accessories as well. All these products are manufactured at their own manufacturing unit in China. Interested people can check out the entire range on the company’s website.