Manheim, PA — Whenever a homeowner has roofing work done, they want to make sure that the work is done correctly. Having a new roof put on the home is an inconvenience for the homeowner, and they do not want to have to go through the process again if the roofers in Lancaster PA do not do a good job, especially if the problems are caused by shoddy workmanship. Zimmerman’s Construction has done the roofing Lancaster PA homeowners desire for many years, and they have announced a new warranty option to give homeowners peace of mind with their new roof.

There are two ways for a contractor to warranty work that they do. First, roofers in Lancaster PA can use a manufacturer’s warranty for the parts that are used in the project. The manufacturer’s warranty protects the homeowner by giving them some coverage if the materials used in the project fail. The problem with this type of warranty is that it does not cover the improper installation of the materials, and manufacturers can refuse to pay if things were not used correctly.

The other warranty option is the workmanship warranty. This is a warranty given by the company actually doing the work, and it covers the way that the materials were used in the project. Zimmerman’s Construction is now offering a ten year workmanship warranty on their work, unlike some of the other companies doing the roofing Lancaster PA homes need. In the unlikely event that the roof leaks because of improperly installed shingles, Zimmerman’s Construction will make the repairs free of charge.

With their workmanship warranty, Zimmerman’s Construction is making an effort to show homeowners how much they stand behind their installation. As one of the premeir roofers in Lancaster PA, Zimmerman’s Construction is the safest choice for consumers that need to have work done.

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