18, July 2015: ZoogTV, the leading VPN service provider focused on unlimited & fast download speeds primarily for accessing US & UK streaming services, is happy to announce release of their new FREE VPN client for Windows (v3.1). ZoogTV VPN Windows client users can seamlessly get started in a matter of seconds using their Windows PCs to access the Web freely bypassing geo-related censorships with complete privacy and peace of mind.

If you are a frequent traveler, an expat living abroad, or have limited TV streaming services available, ZoogTV VPN is a perfect solution. With ZoogTV, you can bypass geographical restrictions to stream from websites like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, Showtime, Bravo and more. ZoogTV offers fast and unlimited VPN service at very competitive price that won’t break the bank. To get the new app, simply visit https://zoogtv.com/vpn-apps to download and install the software on your Windows PC.

Here are some benefits of the new ZoogTV VPN Windows Client:

* It’s FREE!
* Ideal for all users from beginner to expert
* Friendly and easy to use
* Multiple server switching from other countries such as the UK and Canada
* Ability to save login details for repeated use
* Turn ON VPN at Windows start or at App start.
* Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 support.
* Over 8 VPN end points in 3+ countries.

ZoogTV VPN currently offers over 8 end points across 3 countries and continuously expanding. The new ZoogTV VPN Windows Client supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. ZoogTV is also available on your mobile devices and tablets. This includes IOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

About ZoogTV:

ZoogTV, which was founded in May 2013 is a premium VPN service which unblocks online services from wherever you are in the world and is ideal for frequent travelers, ZoogTV is also a privacy and security solution for frequent online users who are worried about their online privacy and security and would like to protect their sensitive online information. To register for your no risk, free account visit https://zoogtv.com and start enjoying online freedom & privacy today.