06, January 2015: The Zora Lighting company has earned good reputation in the electricity goods markets with its two most high quality products. It seems that house hold demands have got increased much more with the launching of these two products. These two products have also brought good returns in the company’s coffers so much that the company is planning to launch a brand new designer lighting lamp. 

The Serge Mouille Lamp of the company has been launched in a variety of models. But its most sold model is the Serge Mouille Three Arm Ceiling Lamp. The product is durable with aluminium coating and is cost effective. Current consumption of the lamp is low and provides a bright shining light. Other available models of this designer lighting lamp include the Serge Mouille Desk Lamp Cocotte, Serge Mouille One Arm Wall Lamp, Serge Mouille Three Arm Floor Arm as well as Serge Mouille Two Arm Wall Lamp. All these models are durable with aluminium coating and offers very bright light. Besides, the users have the option to adjust the brightness of the light. This special feature is not available in other lighting lamps of any other company. The cost of these models of the Serge Mouille Lamp is beyond the reach of every household of stable economy. 

The other notable designer lighting brand of the Zora Lighting company is the Lampe Gras Lamp. This brand is also available in different models with each offering a separate price. The most popular model of this brand is the Lampe Gras Model 215 Floor Lamp. This model is durable and is mainly used as a floor lamp. The model is mainly in demand in age old traditional houses. The model thus adds to light to the heritage of a house. The model also showers light of good brightness and the users can also adjust its brightness. Other models of this brand include the Lampe Gras Model 210 Wall Lamp, Lampe Grass Model 2010 Wall Lamp Blue, Lampe Grass Model 2010 Wall Lamp Red and so on with different price range. All these models provide very good service. These product models are very easy to operate because of its flexible shapes. The price of these models is affordable to the ordinary household. No doubt that these two designer lighting brands of the Zora Lighting company will continue spectacular dominance in the consumer electrical goods for an indefinite time. 

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Besides, the company produces other electrical goods such as pendant lamp and other designer lighting lamps of different qualities and prices. The website of the company will serve as a great source of query and product information to the consumers. 

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