Although it was originally made to demonstrate the “On TIMER” pedal, the 9V Backpack power adapter instantly gained a lot more fame than the producers expected leading to the launch of one of the most convenient power adapters.

Chicago, IL (August 25, 2015): The 9V Backpack external power adapter had created a huge buzz when it was used in the demonstration of the “On TIMER” pedal by ZÃœE Engineering. Thus, the 9V Backpack producthas been launched and has been called a must have for musicians. It has been deemed as one of the most convenient back up devices accounting for a full supply of power. The most interesting aspectsof this device are that it is time efficient and it is easy to use.

The 9V Backpack has been said to come in handy in several ways:
- When it comes to live situations its ability to supply instant battery power to guitar pedals without having to open up effect pedals is a huge plus point. Its battery power is fast through the AC power point.
- It can also be efficiently used to create the SAG effect in when playing through a fuzz or overdrive pedal.  All one needs to do is put an older power battery in the 9V Backpack and under power the fuzzor overdrive pedal.
- 9V Backpacks can also come in handy to musicians when they have power issues with the pedal board. The devicecan be used as ‘battery override’ which is nothing but another plus to the whole device.

There are two styles of 9V Backpacks: The Right Angle 9V Backpack and the Straight 9V Backpack. While both of them hold a nine volt battery, the Right Angle 9V Backpack uses a clip attached to the battery plug while the Straight 9V Backpack does not.  9V Backpacks have a center negative polarity that is compatible with most effect pedals.  For ease of handling and strength, the first two inches from the barrel plug aretriple insulated with rigid shielding.

About the company:
ZÃœE Engineering was founded by members who came together from various kinds of industries in 2013 and has since its advent devoted itself into launching few of the most capable devices. With its headquarters in Chicago, the ZÃœEEngineering has worked to provide the market with innovative solutions.

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